7 Awesome Ways to Display Photos

When it comes to decorating your room, it is not that easy to choose several ideas from a bunch of those that you can find on the Internet. Here you will read several simple ideas on how to decorate your place and at the same time display photos. This means that you can solve two tasks at one time in an interesting and simple way.

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Large Grid

You can take nice shots and print them out or take ready-made photos and organized them in a grid. A straight column with several rolls of photos is a perfect way to display photos that are similar by topic. For instance, if you like taking photos of birds, you can place all of them together within one grid. If your passion is flowers, then you can make a little garden on a wall. This way you can also organize photos from your vacation, memorable party, etc.

Cute Circle

Organizing your photos in a circle is an interesting and fun way to see your memories and decorate your room. There are several ways on how you can achieve this. For instance, you can use a wooden hoop and double-sided tape to fix your photos. Do not use too many photos; otherwise, you will create a circle of an enormous size that would not look pretty. If you take only a few photos, you will not be able to create an attractive circle. The number of photos really depends on their size, so take several of them, make a circle and see how it looks. You may use something other than a wooden loop, but you should have a stable round base for your circle to give it shape.

Glassy Framing

You will need an empty and clean glass vessel. The size of a vessel depends on the size of a photo. You can place several jars of different sizes and shapes in one place and put your photos there. This method is not suitable for all photos since they may curve over time. Leave precious vintage photos in the album or on the wall as this way of displaying photos is good for those that are saved on your PC or other places, so you can print them out again any time you wish. For better appearance try to combine photos that have something in common, for instance, colors, places (nature or city), time of a day (morning or night), etc.

Door with Photos

You can decorate a frame of a door with a series of photos. It is important to be consistent and select photos that look harmoniously. By the way, it is a great method for making a kid’s bedroom more fun if you place photos with smiling faces or bright colors of nature. For fixing your photos you can use a double-sided tape and stick them in a straight line.

Frames with Washi Tape

To display your photos you will need to get washi tape (desirable in different colors), double-sided tape, choose photos and place on the wall where you want to put them. Use double-sided tape to stick photos first. You can place photos in a different order; it is up to you. Take washi tape and frame your photos. They will look especially good in a kid’s bedroom. You can also make several frames for one photo. Instead of frames, you can just stick your photo with a single strip on top.

Frames without Glass

You can buy frames or take the ones that you haven’t used for a long time. Take the back and glass away and clean them carefully with sand and water and leave them to dry fully. Paint frames in any color and wait for them to dry. After this you can hang them on the wall and put photos inside. You can place several photos within one frame.

Photos on Clipboard

Take several clipboards for displaying your photos. You can put two or more photos on a single clipboard if sizes of photos allow this. Then just hang clipboard on the wall. To do this you may need to use a hammer and several pins.

You can choose the best ideas from those mentioned above for displaying your photos and decorating your home, but anything you choose will look great.

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