Our Network

“Pushback’s vision is grounded in the notion of building progressive power to effect progressive policy that changes people’s lives. The state alliance has created the opportunity for us to spend more time in other parts of the state, and allowed us to see how people do their work and what they’re facing. Pushback has allowed us to move our vision of building statewide power towards reality.”
Adrianne Shropshire, New York Jobs with Justice

Each state alliance within Pushback Network agrees to develop a statewide power-building strategy which includes: recruiting, convening and maintaining a statewide non-partisan electoral alliance; developing a comprehensive non-partisan electoral field program that includes voter contact goals and strategies; promoting and developing approaches to engage grassroots volunteers in on-going strategies to deepen and expand our base; developing and maintaining tracking systems and monitoring, evaluation and accountability measures.

Currently operating in six states, under a consciously sustainable plan to grow to ten states this year, Pushback Network has developed substantial, measurable, and strategic programs that are bringing to realization our vision for an authentic, participatory democracy. PBN provides overall direction, coordination, technical assistance, accountability mechanisms, and evaluation processes for its current state alliances.